i long for you

Love requires a certain symbiosis, and without this mutuality of emotions and union of the soul, love isn’t there. I don’t believe that love can flourish one-sided, and when it is one-sided it’s the most painful feeling there is. Like you’d happily give yourself to them and love them wholly, but they don’t want you or your love. I simply don’t believe there is a cure for this ailment.

I long for you,

the bewitching  stare of your bright blue eyes,

the magic touch of your hands,

the silky feel of your lips,

the words you spoke,

which felt like shooting stars into my soul.

I lay here castrated by the pain,

the pain that stabs me in the stomach,

of the daunting realisation

that you’re not mine,

but I am yours.


the night

The night awakens your emotions

like an evil witch with magic potions,

the night calls on you

to question everything you thought you knew.

Everyone else is going to sleep,

but not you

you lay awake and weep

and wonder where it went wrong too.

You yearn for the light of day

to come and take away

this heartache, this despair

but the sun wont show itself, it wouldn’t dare.


For better or for worse

Love does not exist without us perceiving it,

in the same way that colours and sounds rely on our perception,

so too, does


We must feel it under our skin, presenting itself in our souls and masquerading as a

rational entity.

Love fogs up the clarity we so desperately cling to, and prevents the perception of life

before our beloved. Once love occurs in the heart, in the soul it is there forever.

Love rarely remains pure and unspoilt, and even after the fact of love the betrayal and

brokenness lingers.

This pain presents itself like a wind parading around in a tornado, starting off small and

insignificant until it is all that we may perceive.

Love changes us, for better or for worse.